Monday, October 10, 2011

Want your friends or even yourself to be on one of the Reality Campaign posters around the campus?

Have you ever wondered how students got chosen to be in the Reality Campaign posters around the campus?
If you are in the opinion that one of your friends or classmates are Social Influencers, you might want to nominate them to be shown on this years Reality Campaign posters. At the moment, we are looking for new faces to be shown around campus.

Don't know what a Social Influencer is?
A Social Influencer is a student who is respected, seen as cool, and an overall likeable guy or girl by a majority of students and student groups. This student goes to parties and other social events and is also really responsible. Those are the students who might drink at parties but don't get wasted. Other students might listen to this student and value their opinion. Students fell comfortable being around that person and like to ask that person for advice.

If you have one or more students in mind, click the link below and nominate up to 5 students. The students listed the most will be represented on the posters.

Nominate students

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