Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stetson Surf Team Hit the Water

The Stetson Surf Team hit the water this past Sunday and made lots of moves in the water. This is the first competition of the year for the team and although only having three members compete, compete is just what they did. Willie Lane,Roth Allen, and Jay MacConnell were the three musketeers that represented Stetson this weekend.

The field of competition was packed with other students from schools throughout Florida some of which were, FIT,DSC, UNF, and UCF. Currently FIT leads the pack so far this season with a 400 point lead over second place DSC. Individually the Stetson riders did well, but with only three surfers, they were outnumbered by the other full teams of nine surfers. Willie and Roth did place in the College Longboard taking 2nd and 6th place respectfully. Jay and Willie both competed in short board and weren't able to make it out of their heats to advance. For more coverage and a recap on the event check out the NSSA website.

The surf team will look to take a break from final exams studying and compete in the December 11th contest that will be held at the inlet. For full schedule of the competitions for the 2011-2012 Southeast/North Conference College Schedule click here.

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