Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Luck on your Final Exams

This semester's Events Watch video team is getting a little stressed about finals. Are you stressed out about finals as well? I am sure this short clip can cheer you up. Good Luck on your finals everyone! You will all do well. See you back at Stetson in January!

Hatter Hoedown Concert and Golf Tournament on Dec 10th.

The Hatter Hoedown will be a day-long funfest featuring a Celebrity Golf Tournament in the morning at Victoria Hills Golf Club in DeLand. Following the golf tournament will be a star studded, evening country music concert featuring Sawyer Brown Band and friends, on the campus of Stetson University.

Tickets for the Sawyer Brown  Band and friends concert are still available. Buy Tickets here.
The concert starts at 8pm in the arena of Rinker Field. A BBQ & Beverage Festival will be held in front of the arena at 6pm. Great Food and Beverages to enjoy will be offered.

Stetson partner with Feeding Children Everywhere to pack meals

Stetson University partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere this month to raise money and pack more than 5,000 meals for hungry children in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

About 75 students, alumni, faculty and staff and their family members from the business, education and counseling programs at Stetson’s Center at Celebration in Osceola County worked together in groups on five assembly lines packing nutritious meals to help those in need this holiday season.

Program Coordinator Wendy Lowe worked in advance with Stetson’s various Celebration-based programs and learned that students and alumni were interested in participating in an activity that would have a meaningful impact. Feeding Children Everywhere was selected because it has both a global and local presence.

On Dec. 3, Feeding Children Everywhere staff arrived at Stetson with all the supplies needed for the assembly lines. Executive MBA students assisted with the unloading of the truck and setting up the assembly lines. “Their enthusiastic support and interest were undeniable!” Lowe said.

After the assembly lines were ready to go, detailed instructions were given, and the work got under way as holiday music and spirit filled the room. Each assembly line packed meals that consisted of rice, protein (lentils), vegetables, vitamins and minerals. The meal is scientifically formulated to combat the effects of hunger on the human body. All that is necessary to cook the meal is adding boiling water. More information is available at

As the meals were packed into boxes, the youngsters flattened the meal pouches for shipping purposes and added personal messages and drawings to the outside of the shipping containers for the children in Guatemala. Guatemala City was selected because these meals will be added to a larger shipment headed that way soon.

“This philanthropic effort at the Celebration Center was a success! We re-evaluated our goals early on and, based on the participants’ infectious joy, we feel fortunate to be able to proudly say that Stetson University contributed to feeding over 5,000 starving children and fundraised over $1,300,” she said.

Participants agreed it was a positive experience – and promised to look for other philanthropic opportunities in the future.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Study Abroad Madrid, Spain


Students in Madrid live in one of Europe's most vibrant cities with people who share a zest for life. The city offers a rich mixture of museums, parks, architecture, annual fiestas, and nightlife. Traveling the diverse geographic and cultural landscapes of Spain adds to the student's experience inside and outside of the classroom.

Participants may study a variety of subjects in Spanish at the Universidad Carlos III. Students may complete a minor in Spanish in one semester. When approved, students may also earn credit for classes other than Spanish.

Some paid excursions are offered each semester. These may include a weekend trip to Granada or Seville, as well as day trips to important sites or cultural events in Madrid.

Students are encouraged to integrate their Spanish language skills into day-to-day life while in Madrid. All participants live with host families, allowing them to develop vernacular as well as academic second language skills.

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Fall: March 1
Spring: September 15

For more information about this specific Study Abroad Program please click on the link.

Study Abroad Moscow, Russia




Study at one of Russia's premier institutions while experiencing day-to-day life in this vibrant city of 11 million. Students can retrace the path of Russia's history and witness firsthand her re-emergence as a major political and economic force in the world.

Participants may study a variety of subjects such as Russian language, international relations, or business, and earn a minor in Russian Language in one semester. One option is the Russian Studies program at the Moscow Humanities University. Students take 3-5 courses conducted in English in History, Political Science, Economics, or Business. They additionally take intensive intermediary through advanced courses in Russian language.

Paid excursions change each semester, but may include trips to St. Petersburg, Vladimir, or Suzdal, as well as tours of Red Square, the Kremlin, or Lenin's Mausoleum. There are also countless world-class museums, historic sites, and cultural events within the city of Moscow, all of them free or nearly free for students.

Students are encouraged to integrate their Russian language skills into day-to-day life while in Moscow. Participants have the option to live with host families or in a student residence hall.

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Fall: March 1
Spring: September 15

For a program overview please click on the link. 

Study Abroad Hong Kong, China


Experience one of the most modern cities in the world steeped in the traditions of ancient China. Towering skyscrapers are juxtaposed to teeming markets, Buddhist Monasteries, and Taoist temples in this densely packed city of over 6 million people. There are also beaches and hiking trails for those who wish to take a break from big city life.

Hong Kong is a gateway to all of Asia and students may take advantage of many travel opportunities during semester breaks or upon completion of their studies. Stetson students have traveled to mainland China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

Study abroad participants may select courses from a full curriculum taught in English.

Paid excursions change each semester but may include Guangzhou on the mainland or the former Portuguese colony of Macao, as well as trips to important sites within Hong Kong.

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Fall: March 1
Spring: September 15

For scholarship information and general information about this program click on the links.

The Metzger family at Stetson University

The CBS Early Show crew films the Metzgers and Dr. Wendy B. Libby on Stetson's DeLand campus. As part of its long tradition of community service and enagement, StetsonU has offered scholarships to Austin and Arielle Metzger

 This story has generated a great deal of attention in recent days, but it is just one example of the university's long-standing tradition of service and community engagement. Stetson has an active Student Coalition to End Homelessness, our law students do advocacy work for the homeless, and our Bonner students devote hours each week to service commitments, including commitments to solve problems associated with homelessness. We salute all of them!

Stetson University Events Watch

Just out: the weekly Hatter Events Watch video. Please note that the video mentions mascot tryouts Thursday and Friday.

Construction begins on new athletics complex

As it gears up for the return of Hatter Football and the introduction of Women’s Lacrosse in 2013, Stetson University will begin construction this week on a $6.7 million athletics complex to include a Field House and four playing fields.

Stetson’s Athletics Enhancement Initiative will provide a new and improved game-day field to be shared by Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse, with bleacher seating, along with a practice field for soccer and lacrosse and two practice fields for football.

The Field House will be 25,000 square feet with a strength-and-conditioning center, locker rooms, coaches’ offices, athletic training facilities and meeting rooms. The fields will include new lighting and irrigation.

Parking will be constructed at the Field House and at the east end of the new fields. The complex will be on eight acres bound by North Amelia, East Minnesota, North Garfield andEast University avenues on the DeLand campus – a site already used for Stetson sports and recreation. Construction is expected to continue through next Aug. 1. A second phase – to include another practice field for soccer and lacrosse – is planned for the future.

“This is a critical step in strengthening our entire athletics program and in bringing back football to Stetson University,” said President Wendy B. Libby. “Our students, alumni and the greater community love sports, and expanding our athletics program will provide us all with more opportunities to cheer on the Hatters! Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new mascot in late January, too.”

Stetson has joined the non-scholarship Pioneer Football League and is now recruiting its first class of football players since the sport ended at the university after the 1956-57 season. A practice year is planned for 2012-13, with the first playing season being fall 2013. Hatter Football home games will be played at Spec Martin Stadium in downtown DeLand, and more than $2 million in improvements to that complex are being made by the city of DeLand in return for an annual rental fee from Stetson and an agreement to share revenue from sponsorships and advertising and a commission on concessions and parking. Women’s Lacrosse will begin next academic year with the first playing season being spring 2013. Stetson expects to hire a coach for lacrosse this month.

With the addition of those two sports, and Sand Volleyball as an intercollegiate sport this year, the university will have an additional 170 new scholar-athletes by 2013 – a 70-percent increase in the current number, said Director of Athletics Jeff Altier.

“The Athletics Enhancement Initiative will have a positive impact on every sport we offer,” Altier said. “The new weight room will allow us to bring in strength-and-conditioning coaches who will work with all of our student athletes.”

Use of the site’s existing athletics fields, for soccer and intramural sports, has concluded for this semester, and new intramural playing fields will be constructed on the Rinker Field near Stetson’s Hollis Center. Those new fields will be ready in time for the spring intramural season.

“We’re bringing intramurals to the center of campus, allowing those activities to be a focal point of the university,” Altier said.

Funding for the Athletics Enhancement Initiative is coming from donors. Stetson has already raised more than $2.3 million and is continuing to seek donations for the start-up costs for the project.

The general contractor for the new athletics complex will be BACE Construction, DeLand, and the architect is Carter Architecture, DeLand. Others involved in the project include civil engineer Boyer Singleton, DeLand, and playing-field designer Brown and Cullen, Gainesville.

During construction, Stetson will also correct drainage problems in the area of the North Amelia/East Minnesota intersection and install landscaping along the city’s new Alabama Avenue Greenway Trail, which cuts through campus in that area.

“This project will greatly enhance the landscaping and the beauty along Amelia and Minnesota avenues,” said Al Allen, associate vice president for facilities management.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Two homeless teens from Florida were given full scholarships from Stetson University after the airing of their interview on 60 Minutes.

Hatter Pride. After the outpouring of support for homeless teens featured on ‘60 Minutes,’ Dr. Libby and the Metzgers were invited to appear on CBS Early Show this morning. Here’s the link for the video.

"Power Surge": Exercise, Relaxation and stress Relief

Stetson Students, are you getting stressed out about your final examinations?
Gary Oliphant and Frankie Painter will show us ways to alleviate the stress and anxiety that come with final examinations.
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
5:15 pm
LBC # 124
“Power Surge”: Exercise, Relaxation and stress Relief.

Join the GPS group for a fun, interactive discussion designed to assist you in reaching your goals!
Snacks and drawings for prizes!
RA Hall Program approved.
Final GPS of the fall 2011 semester

Study Abroad - Freiburg, Germany

Study Abroad - Freiburg, Germany


Picturesque Freiburg is located in the heart of the Black Forest. Known as German Tuscany, it is said that the sun shines more often here than in any other city in Germany. Freiburg's M√ľnster, whose construction began in 1200, is one of Europe's great cathedrals, and the medieval gates to the city can still be viewed today. Freiburg is filled with music, street theatre, and festivals. Located just 30 kilometers from France and 70 kilometers from Switzerland, there is ample opportunity to travel outside of the country as well as to points of interest within Germany.

Students study at the Paedagogische Hochschule (PH) where they may choose from a full curriculum of courses taught in German. Participants may also take courses at the Albert Ludwigs University, one of the oldest and most famous in Germany. Students can earn a minor in German in one semester.

Paid excursions may include trips to historic Munich or Heidelberg, as well as cultural sites and events within Freiburg. Excursions change each semester.

Students may study in Freiburg for the Spring Semester and for an academic year.

Fall Semester only is not available at the Freiburg site.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Spring: September 15

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

For more information about this program click on this link.

Friday, December 2, 2011

StetsonU to hold annual Yule Log Lighting on Tuesday, Dec. 6

Stetson University invites the community to join in its annual Yule Log Lighting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, at Hulley Tower between DeLand Hall and Chaudoin Hall, located at 513 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand. The annual ritual, which traditionally opens the holiday season at Stetson University, is sponsored by the campus Student Christian Ministries and the Chaplain’s Office. The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available across the street behind Allen Hall and Flagler Hall, both of which are located near the intersection of N. Woodland Blvd. and W. Minnesota Ave.

This tradition began at Stetson in 1938 with the lighting of candles in the women’s residence halls. According to tradition, the Yule Log ceremony, added 10 years later, brings good luck and happiness to those who take part.

Music played by Stetson students will signal the start of the outdoor festivities in front of the blazing Yule Log. Students from the School of Music will lead the crowd in caroling.

Honorary Stetson alumna Monya Winzer Gilbert, daughter of the late Geoffrey and Marjorie Gilbert of the Stetson University faculty, will recite the tradition of the Yule Log kindling. A custom traced to the Druids of northern Europe, it is said to bring good luck and happiness to all who take part. Marjorie Gilbert researched and wrote the history of the Yule Log ceremony for Stetson.

Students will give the invocation and read from Scripture, and Stetson Chaplain Michael Fronk will offer a meditation on the meaning of the evening. After the meditation, members of the Student Christian Ministries will invite participants to join them in casting sprigs on the fire, representing the year past, and in lighting candles from the Yule Log flame. Participants will then move to the Carlton Union Building circle, where refreshments will be served after the ceremony.

For additional information, contact Stetson University’s Chaplain’s Office at (386) 822-7523

Stetson reaches out to family featured on "60 Minutes"

Dozens of Stetson University students, employees, alumni and top administrators did a double-take this week while watching a 60 Minutes television special about central Florida families who have fallen on hard times and are living in their cars.

One of the main subjects of the story – 15-year-old Arielle Metzger – was wearing a green and gray Stetson T-shirt during her interview. The Seminole County teenager, who lives in a truck with her brother Austin, 13, and father Tom, talked about how important education is to the family and how she wants to become a lawyer to help children and homeless people.

The Stetson community immediately felt as if Arielle was one of their own.

With both Arielle and Austin speaking so sincerely and eloquently about the transformative nature of education and the importance of that to them, Stetson has decided to guarantee the brother and sister a financial aid package to cover the full cost of attending the university. A university financial aid counselor will work with them to assist in planning for their education.

“Stetson has a significant commitment to first-generation college students, a long history of values-based education, a tradition in service learning, a College of Law ranked No.1 in the nation for trial advocacy by U.S. News & World Report, and is 25 miles from Seminole County, Fla.,” said President Wendy B. Libby.

“For these reasons, we see ourselves as an excellent fit for Arielle and her brother Austin’s continued education,” Libby said. “As an undergraduate at Stetson, Arielle in particular could participate in our Pre-Law Institute, allowing her unique insight into the legal profession.”

Further, to help guide these aspiring college students, three Stetson undergraduate students from Stetson’s Bonner Scholars Program will reach out to Arielle and Austin as mentors as they navigate life and conclude their public school education. The Bonner program is a prestigious national program dedicated to opening access to education for all students who are seeking an opportunity to “serve,” and Stetson is the only Bonner school in Florida.

In the meantime, the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at Stetson is raising funds to help support some of the immediate needs of the Metzger family.

“Stetson University is always seeking students who ‘dare to be significant,’” Libby said. “These two young people certainly meet that criterion.”

University officials got in touch with Beth Davalos, who runs the Families in Transition Programs for Seminole County Public Schools and figured prominently in the 60 Minutes segment. Davalos said Friday morning that she had informed the Metzger family of Stetson’s offer and, “they’re very excited.”

Note: The 60 Minutes special featuring the Metzger family can be viewed at:;cbsCarousel.