Monday, December 5, 2011

Study Abroad - Freiburg, Germany

Study Abroad - Freiburg, Germany


Picturesque Freiburg is located in the heart of the Black Forest. Known as German Tuscany, it is said that the sun shines more often here than in any other city in Germany. Freiburg's M√ľnster, whose construction began in 1200, is one of Europe's great cathedrals, and the medieval gates to the city can still be viewed today. Freiburg is filled with music, street theatre, and festivals. Located just 30 kilometers from France and 70 kilometers from Switzerland, there is ample opportunity to travel outside of the country as well as to points of interest within Germany.

Students study at the Paedagogische Hochschule (PH) where they may choose from a full curriculum of courses taught in German. Participants may also take courses at the Albert Ludwigs University, one of the oldest and most famous in Germany. Students can earn a minor in German in one semester.

Paid excursions may include trips to historic Munich or Heidelberg, as well as cultural sites and events within Freiburg. Excursions change each semester.

Students may study in Freiburg for the Spring Semester and for an academic year.

Fall Semester only is not available at the Freiburg site.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Spring: September 15

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

For more information about this program click on this link.

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