Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Study Abroad Hong Kong, China


Experience one of the most modern cities in the world steeped in the traditions of ancient China. Towering skyscrapers are juxtaposed to teeming markets, Buddhist Monasteries, and Taoist temples in this densely packed city of over 6 million people. There are also beaches and hiking trails for those who wish to take a break from big city life.

Hong Kong is a gateway to all of Asia and students may take advantage of many travel opportunities during semester breaks or upon completion of their studies. Stetson students have traveled to mainland China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

Study abroad participants may select courses from a full curriculum taught in English.

Paid excursions change each semester but may include Guangzhou on the mainland or the former Portuguese colony of Macao, as well as trips to important sites within Hong Kong.

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Fall: March 1
Spring: September 15

For scholarship information and general information about this program click on the links.


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