Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Study Abroad Moscow, Russia




Study at one of Russia's premier institutions while experiencing day-to-day life in this vibrant city of 11 million. Students can retrace the path of Russia's history and witness firsthand her re-emergence as a major political and economic force in the world.

Participants may study a variety of subjects such as Russian language, international relations, or business, and earn a minor in Russian Language in one semester. One option is the Russian Studies program at the Moscow Humanities University. Students take 3-5 courses conducted in English in History, Political Science, Economics, or Business. They additionally take intensive intermediary through advanced courses in Russian language.

Paid excursions change each semester, but may include trips to St. Petersburg, Vladimir, or Suzdal, as well as tours of Red Square, the Kremlin, or Lenin's Mausoleum. There are also countless world-class museums, historic sites, and cultural events within the city of Moscow, all of them free or nearly free for students.

Students are encouraged to integrate their Russian language skills into day-to-day life while in Moscow. Participants have the option to live with host families or in a student residence hall.

The Stetson Abroad program is competitive. Enrollment is limited in all programs. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to a given program in a given semester.

Deadlines for Application Forms

Academic Year: March 1
Fall: March 1
Spring: September 15

For a program overview please click on the link. 

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