Monday, February 6, 2012

Department of International Learning

Stetson Universitys' Department of International Learning manages Study Abroad programs, international student advising and support, and international student programming and workshop.

The Director of the Department of International Learning, Eric Canny, also works with Stetson faculty members to provide management of off-campus international trips and faculty exchange programs.

Our students come from 36 different countries and, this number is consistently growing. Our community prides itself on embracing international students and their cultures and making every student feel accepted on our campus.

The joy of learning about another culture, the satisfaction and practicality of becoming comfortable in a second language, the fun of experiencing new environments, and the enhancement of career prospects -- all of these possibilities and more are available through study abroad programs.

For further information on Study Abroad programs, International Student Advising, or International Student Admission feel free to click on the provided links.

Feel free to contact the Department of International Learning for any further information:
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