Friday, February 3, 2012

Semester in Washington

Students interested in enrolling in the Washington Semester at American University during the fall semester of 2012 should confer with Dr. Bailey this month. The program is described in the STETSON BULLETIN and on the website . It offers an exciting variety of opportunities for juniors and seniors majoring in several departmental and interdisciplinary programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business. All of the units are organized to take advantage of the “Washington Capitol scene,” but there are specialized areas enabling students to select from a menu of choices: American Government and Politics; Public Law; Criminal Justice; International Business and Trade (in Washington or with the option that includes three weeks in New York City, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong); Print and Broadcast Journalism; Economic Policy; U.S. Foreign Policy; International Environment and Development (includes 3 weeks in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands); International Law and Organization (includes a field practicum in Geneva, Brussels, Strasbourg, and The Hague); Contemporary Islam Studies (with 3 weeks in Egypt and Jordan or other Middle East countries); and Transforming Communities (Social Change and Governance).
Prior to applying for the program, the student should consult with his/her faculty adviser to determine how the 4 course units (16 hours) of Washington Semester credit would apply to meeting departmental and general requirements at Stetson. The deadline for applications is Feb. 17. Additional information is available in the Department of Political Science (334 EH).

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